Elijah Arts Unltd was founded back in 2003 by visual artist, and photographer Mario Pena.  Elijah Arts Unltd was created as a movement to exhibit the fine arts and photography to educate and keep the masses in tune to the beauty and importance of the arts.

Proving to be more than just a painter and photographer, the inspiring career of Mario Pena transcends far beyond his works of art.  He is not only a scholar but a mover and shaker of the art world.  We known for his art work based on politics, history and culture , he incorporates his life and surroundings to everything he does.  Thus proving beauty reall is in the eye of the beholder, and behold for this artist / photographer delivers beauty.

Recently taking photographs as another branch of art, he has once again suprised us once again with his natural ability to capture essential moments in fashion, sports, and music.  Specializing in natural lighting, he brings exposure to moments we tend to miss.

His art is a fruit of his hardwork and dedication.  Never seizing to amaze the public eye, he continues to bring an awakening to the art world with every stroke of his brushes and every snap of his trigger.